Software Interface

The Korg GEC5 lab system utilizes a custom designed software interface which was created to be a powerful and intuitive. Compatible with both Windows and Apple operating systems, you can easily work from your desktop and either an Android or iOS supported. Educators will be able to control the audio in the room by customizing classroom layouts, and “eavesdrop” on student’s progress, all with a few simple clicks or taps.



There are three main modes of GEC5 operation. Each of these can be selected within the software interface at the teacher’s station. They include:

Lecture Mode:

This mode is used to present material in a lecture format. All students hear the teacher’s microphone and instrument or computer allowing for a captive and quiet audience.

Practice Mode:

This mode is used when the students are working independently. Each student hears only his or her own instrument or computer. In Practice Mode, the teacher has the option of “eavesdropping” on the student and initiating 2-way communication with the student for individualized instruction.

Group Mode:

This mode is used when students are working together in groups (two or more student workstations in any conceivable configuration). Each student in a group can hear his or her own instrument as well as the instruments or computer and microphone of the other members of their group.


To download this software interface application, click here.

Software Control Application for the GEC5 Lab System, used to control all features and functions of the GEC5 Teacher Unit.

System Requirements:

Operating systems:

Windows 7, 8, 10 (x86, 32bit and 64bit)

Mac 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11

iOS 6.0 or later, compatible with iPad

Android 2.3 and up



 The Computer must be connected to the GEC5 Teacher Unit before launching the software.

  • If connecting your PC directly to the GEC5 Teacher Unit, connect a Cat5 Ethernet cable from the “Network” port on the GEC into your PC.
  • If connecting wirelessly, connect Cat5 Ethernet cable from the “Network” port on the GEC into the “LAN” port on your wireless router. Then, connect your PC to the wireless network dedicated to this system. We suggest naming a network for easy connection.

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