Korg microLAB

Korg Education’s microLAB© is a true “plug-and-play” music technology solution that not only makes teaching and learning music effective and fun.

Bringing technology into the music classroom is the key to ensuring future success for any music program. Today, more than ever, kids are drawn to new technology and with music it is no different. Korg has developed a revolutionary concept that will change the way music is taught in the classroom and give music teachers the ability to capture more students than traditional methods. By utilizing existing resources in the school, this music technology lab is a fraction of the cost compared to a traditional piano lab.

Kids love technology, learning games and music – the Korg microLAB© combines all these into one fun, easy to use music technology lab. Studies show that exposure to the arts, specifically in music, significantly improves the student’s success in many other areas in the classroom. Achievement, participation, attendance, and future involvement in other music programs are all improved when music is introduced at a young age. microLABs© are the most feasible and cost-effective way to introduce music to students of any age or ability.

Create afterschool programs, special performance groups, expand music classes to a much broader audience at your school – all with the tools in the Korg microLAB©.


Features at a Glance

  • USB-powered Korg microKEY midi controllers featuring 25, 37 or 49 high quality, natural touch mini-keys that accommodates as many student stations and one teacher as you need.
  • Comes with student headphones for silent practice.
  • Use your choice of software for PC and Mac computers either cloud-based for online access, server-based hosted at the school or stand alone.
  • Leverages the already existing computer and iPad labs at the school allowing for maximum usage of the music budget and avoiding expensive computer and furniture purchases.
  • Easily bundled with most software available online or from your local music store.
  • Simple to grow and expand any program with additional software and hardware as your budget will allow.
  • Complimentary 2-year warranty on Korg microKEYs when registered online.
  • One-year subscription to the SoundTree Institute online for continued professional development with CEU credits available at no additional cost.


Teacher Starter Pack

Teachers will be provided with a Teacher Starter Pack that will have everything they need to get their new microLAB up and running. The Teacher Starter Pack contains the Teachers keyboard, headset, welcome letter and resource guides with fun software and lesson ideas. Everything else is just Plug and Play!


Natural Touch mini-keyboard
microKEY-25: 25
microKEY-37: 37
microKEY-49: 49
microKEY-61: 61


microKEY-25: Joystick, arpeggiator button, Sustain / TAP button, Octave Shift buttons microKEY-37/49/61: Pitch bend wheel, Modulation wheel, Octave Shift buttons

Octave Shift

microKEY-25/37: -4 – +4
microKEY-49/61: -3 – +3


microKEY-25: USB Type B (x1)
microKEY-37/49/61: Assignable switch jack, USB Type B (x1)

Power Supply

USB bus power

Power Consumption

Less than 100mA

(W x D x H)

microKEY-25: 395 x 131 x 52 mm/15.55" x 5.16" x 2.05"
microKEY-37: 565 x 139 x 54 mm/22.24" x 5.47" x 2.13"
microKEY-49: 709 x 139 x 54 mm/27.91" x 5.47" x 2.13"
microKEY-61: 850 x 139 x 54 mm/33.46" x 5.47" x 2.13"


microKEY-25: 0.65 Kg / 1.43 lbs.
microKEY-37: 1.0 kg / 2.21 lbs.
microKEY-49: 1.4 kg / 2.21 lbs.
microKEY-61: 1.71 kg / 3.77 lbs.

Included Items

USB cable, KORG Software Bundle code

System Requirements


Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 or Later (32bit/64bit)

Mac OS

Mac OS 10.8 Mountain Lion or later


iOS8 or later




Frequency Response

60 to 20,000 Hz


32 Ohms


94 dB SPL

Cord Type

Straight, single entry

Cable Length

4' (122 cm)