The New "KORG iPolysix" Polyphonic Synth Studio for the iPad Mini!


Korg's Polysix, a six-voice analog polyphonic synthesizer, went on sale in 1981. While a popular synthesizer of that time was able to produce only five notes simultaneously, the Polysix had six-note polyphony, and its name was an expression of its designers' pride. Today, functionality such as sound memories and built-in effects such as phase/chorus/ensemble are taken for granted, but at the time they were cutting-edge features that made the Polysix an instant best-seller around the world.

iPolysix uses Korg's proprietary "CMT" (Component Modeling Technology) to simulate the actual electronic circuits of the original unit, perfectly reproducing the original Polysix including its distinctively deep and rich pad sounds. Not content to rest with providing a faithful replication, iPolysix has also been extended with music production functionality and painstakingly tuned to be the most powerful Polysix in history. Its highly refined synthesis structure also makes this an ideal instrument for those who want to start learning about synthesizers.

“Polyseq” polyphonic step sequencer 

  • Provides up to 64 steps, newly developed in order to take full advantage of the Polysix's capabilities
  • Provides a different operating feel than a conventional piano-roll sequencer or even a step sequencer

Analog gear including two Polysix units, a six-part drum machine, and a mixer

  • Includes a six-part drum machine that plays Polysix samples, and an analog mixer that's reminiscent of the KMX-8 mixer
  • Makes for a highly polished workflow; use the virtual gear to create up to 32 patterns

Dual Kaoss Pads with chordal support

  • Two Kaoss Pads which students control using both hands, moving their fingers on the pads to perform music
  • Customized for iPolysix to allow not only single-note performance, but also chordal playing


System: Polysix polyphonic synthesizer x 2, Analog polyphonic sequencer x 2, Sampling drum machine x 1, Analog mixer x 1
Synthesizer: Analog modeling synthesizer, Electronic circuit modeling technology CMT (Component Modeling Technology), Max voice polyphony (6 voice per 1 unit), Expanded functionality that’s unique to iPolysix, such as VCF HPF and VCO EG Intensity, 28 types of built-in internal effects, 50 Synthesizer sounds
Sequencer: 64 step analog polyphonic sequencer, 6 types of sequence mode
Drum machine: 6 parts / 64 steps drum machine, Polysix sampling sound engine, 50 Drum sounds, Also usable as a pitched part by controlling the note
Mixer: 8 channel mixer with VU meters, developed on the model of the KMX-8, 28 types of built-in master effects
Song/Pattern: 32 patterns per 1 song, Max: 100 measures, Tempo (20 – 300 BPM), tap tempo function, Swing function
Effect Type: 28 types, including the chorus/phase/ensemble that typifies the Polysix
Controllers: Performance keyboard that lets you change the number of keys, Dual Kaoss Pads that support chordal performance, 35 types of scale and parameter control support
Others: Use the Polyshare music sharing space to publish, share, and remix songs online, Audio export (WAV. File format), WIST (Wireless Sync-Start Technology) support, Audio Copy support, Support for performing with a USB-MIDI keyboard (via the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit)
System requirements: iPad mini or iPad series (iPad 2 or later is recommended), iOS 5.1 or later

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