Learn “good sound” and enjoy “great performance”!


KORG has answered the question: “Can a tuner recognize good sound?” With the KORG cortosia you'll see what's missing from “good sound” with just a glance. Even practice that's slightly boring (such as practicing the production of single notes) will become enjoyable. The cortosia is a completely new type of interactive tuner app designed to improve the overall quality of sound produced by the artist. The initial release supports the flute, clarinet and trumpet with future upgrades expected to increase the variety of instruments supported.


  • Analyze five elements of “good sound” and rate them in real time
  • Pitch stability, Dynamic stability, Timbre stability, Timbre richness, Attack clarity
  • Simultaneously with the tuner display, a radar chart shows the results of analyzing these five elements in real time, and scores them on a scale of 100 points.
  • Automatically record “good sound,” and check your students’ daily advances in technique
  • Data is automatically recorded and kept when tuning and scoring
  • By looking at your students’ past results, you can see how they are progressing
  • A full range of basic functionality including tuner, metronome, and level meter
  • Comes with a metronome that supports tap tempo, and even a level meter
  • Makes cortosia a great partner for performance or practice


Scale: 12-note equal temperament
Range (sine wave): Pitch: A1(55.0Hz) – G#7 (3322Hz)
GoodSound: Flute C4 (261.6 Hz) - C7(2093 Hz), Clarinet D3 (146.8 Hz) - G6 (1568 Hz), Trumpet D3 (146.8 Hz) - E6 (1319 Hz), Violin G3 (196.0 Hz) - G6(1568 Hz), Cello C2(65.41Hz) - A4(440Hz), Soprano saxophone G#3(207.7 Hz) - E6 (1219 Hz), Alto saxophone C#3(138.6 Hz) - A5 (880.0 Hz), Tenor saxophone G#2(103.8 Hz) - E5 (659.3 Hz), Briton saxophone C2 (65.41 Hz) - A4 (440.0 Hz), Trombone Bb1 (58.25 Hz) - D5 (587.3 Hz), Euphonium Bb1(58.25 Hz) - D5(587.3 Hz)
Reference Pitch: A4 = 430 - 450 Hz (1 Hz steps)
Transpose Range: C, F, B-flat, E-flat
Precision: +/-0.1 cent
Tempo Range: 30 – 252 per a minute
Tempo Settings: Full step, tap tempo
Beat Range: 0 - 9 beats, duplet, triplet
Time Signatures: Quarter note, eighth note, triplets, triplets without the center beat, quadruplets, quadruplets without the center beats
Tempo Accuracy: +/-0.3%
Sounds: Analog, Drums
Operating Requirements
OS: iOS 7.1 or later
Device: iPhone 5 or later, iPod Touch (fifth-generation or later)
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