Our Mission: Guitars in the Classroom is a 501 (c)3 non-profit dedicated to increasing learning through music across the academic and arts curriculum through integrated music making in public elementary schools. We are dedicated to providing ongoing responsive professional development training, artist residencies and musical resources to participating educators in Title 1 schools across the U.S.

Our Services: GITC endeavors to supply participating districts, schools and their teachers with training in music-integrated academic instruction, classroom music implementation coaching, artist residencies, educational materials, and access to instruments and musical accessories.  Our work promotes the joy of learning through the power of strumming, singing and songwriting across the academic and arts curriculum.

Music Integration in Collaboration with Music Education: GITC believes that every student deserves a well rounded education including weekly instruction in music taught by highly trained and credentialed music teachers. We stand side by side with districts working to strengthen their music education programs, particularly at the elementary level when students are at their most formative stages. We work hand in hand with credentialed music educators and we offer professional development for them as well as for general classroom teachers. Our work bringing music deeper into learning is most effective in schools where music education is alive and well.

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What is Music Integration?: GITC empowers all teachers, including those with no prior musical training,  to bring lessons in every subject area to life through hands-on music and student songwriting on lesson topics with ukuleles and guitars. Our approach promotes literacy, language, and academic excellence every day. The inclusion of music increases student engagement in and enthusiasm for learning as it promotes creativity, deepens critical thinking and fosters peer-to peer collaboration and communication skills. Reaching all kinds of learners, GITC gives both teachers and students the chance to discover and celebrate their musical potential.

As an arts provider in San Diego’s Title I for the Arts program, and Los Angeles Unified School District’s early literacy training, GITC fully aligns Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts with Music Education standards. Our activities create a true integration of music and academincs.  Working closely with school district Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) departments, we welcome credentialed elementary music educators to train with us to become GITC faculty instructors and partners in school-wide musical learning. We also welcome classroom teachers experienced in integrating music with multi-subject learning to step into leadership roles.