Electric Guitar Lab

Your options for a guitar program are never-ending when you incorporate the technology of the Korg GEC5 in your classroom. Simply choose an electric guitar of your choice, integrate your class with the GEC5 group learning system and take your guitar teaching to a new level of efficiency and creativity!

Choose any number of stations, up to 32 and leverage the strength in collaboration to watch your students learn and grow. Any lessons at any learning level can be incorporated, and computers can even be added for recording and mixing.

All of the Korg Lab Solutions are designed around the GEC5 Group Education Controller group audio controller, a cost-effective stereo digital audio routing system. Suitable for any teaching level and any combination of electronic instruments, (keyboards, guitars, sound modules, computer soundcards, etc.) the GEC5 allows teachers to interact with as many as 32 individual student stations with one Teacher Unit.

The GEC5 features three chief modes of operation; Lecture, Practice and Group. In Lecture Mode, students hear the teacher's microphone and instrument as well as their own instruments. In Practice Mode, students hear only his or her own instrument and the teacher has the option of eavesdropping or initiating two-way communication. In Group Mode, students can listen to the instruments and microphones of other group members.

Every Guitar Lab should include the following:

• Guitar: Any electric guitar of your choice, one for each student station
• Stand-alone guitar processor/external amp simulator: Korg PXmini, one for each student station
• Korg GEC5 Group Learning System, one Teacher Unit and one Student Interface Unit for each student station
• Headsets with microphone for two-way communication, one for each station


Korg PXmini


158 types (Maximum number of effects available simultaneously: 7)


User: 200
Preset: 200


Guitar/Bass INPUT (1/4"mono jack), AUX (mini stereo jack)


Line OUTPUT (1/4"mono jack), PHONES (mini stereo jack)

Tuner section

Detection range 27.5 Hz-2,093 Hz (A0-C7)


A = 438 Hz-445 Hz


Number of patterns = 100
Tempo = 40-240 BPM

Power supply

One AA alkaline dry cell or NiMH rechargeable battery
USB bus power supply (or USB-type AC adapter)

Battery life

Alkaline battery/NiMH rechargeable battery (1900mAh)
Allows approx. 5 (Al) or 6 (NiMH) hours of continuous use (backlight OFF)
Allows approx. 3 (Al) or 4 (NiMH) hours of continuous use (backlight ON)

(W x D x H)

88 x 56 x 30mm/3.15 x 2.2 x 1.18 inches (not including protrusions)


80g/2.82 oz. (not including battery)

Included items

Alkaline Batteries (for checking recorder operation), Rubber feet


Korg GEC5

(same as GEC5 Specs)