As a Men’s Group, we practice daily acts of contribution when we’re honest and share, but we also set our sights on a bigger impact. In the two years since the group began, we’ve taken on seven different contribution events, ranging from volunteering our time to raising funds. In the last year alone, we raised over $36,000 for two different organizations. That’s huge! And we keep setting our sights on bigger and bigger impacts. That’s why we’re going to Haiti in March 2018.

Without an outward perspective of looking to inspire others and lift them up, none of the other three pillars would be possible. For us, contribution is a way living and a perspective on the world. 

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Founded out of a slave rebellion, the country has never fully recovered from the vengeance France and other colonial powers enacted on it. In fact, the country was still paying off the debt of the unshackled slaves well into the 20th century. Infrastructure, government, and the economy have all been compromised. Haiti carries with it a stereotype of violence, laziness, and ineptitude. However, it is just that: a stereotype. When the earthquake hit Haiti in 2010, the country did not explode into violence, as many predicted, but rallied together. It’s that version of Haiti that we’re traveling to and inspiring others to see.

There will be 21 of us going to Haiti in March, and because each volunteer is paying for their flight, room and board, any donations will all go directly to the project to benefit children. 

As part of a team of dedicated professionals, these Dudes are making great strides raising funds to build a library for the HEART school in Haiti, as well as cover costs to send as many children to the school as possible. The new library will be furnished with all kinds of literature - including music books and some doanted instruments! 

We need every dollar we can to create amazing things for as many of the children of Haiti as possible - click here to donate!

Check out our blog to stay current on our progress, learn about Haiti, and the Heart in Haiti organization. We’re excited for this journey. We hope we inspire you to be excited too.